Every life has a story and my job as a biographer is to illuminate that life with words. So far, I have written nine biographies for young people. Recently, I revised, updated and re-published two of my books—Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist and George Eastman:  Bringing Photography to the People.

Thomas NastI have been a fan of Thomas Nast for many years. Nast brought down the notoriously corrupt Tweed Ring in New York City after the Civil War with his pen. He drew incriminating political cartoons about the ring that brought the ring’s corruption to light. I chose to re-publish his biography because I felt it is important for young people to know they don’t have to use violence to fight corruption. George Eastman

My love of photography lead me to write about George Eastman, the founder of Kodak. Eastman was an amazing inventor and business man. His company invented film and inexpensive cameras. Through Eastman’s marketing campaigns, Kodak became a household word and millions of people started taking snapshots. We are still taking snapshots, but today we call them selfies.


Praise for New George Eastman Biography

 “Bravo! Mrs. Pflueger has done a wonderful job integrating all of the main sources on George Eastman in her book for young people. Her story is well-written, accurate, and a balanced look at the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company’s life.”

 —Kathy Connor, the Creator of the George Eastman Legacy, at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York


“Every once in a while a special book comes my way and I want to celebrate it… here’s one I couldn’t resist featuring.” The Styling Librarian


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